Unofficial Shivering Isles credits

Sorry, I actually wrote this up a while ago, just forgot to post it.

I did this for Knights of the Nine. Thought I’d do it again for Shivering Isles. The credits are much longer so the comments are a little less snarky (just a little bit).

Lead Producers
Jeffery Gardiner
Craig Lafferty
Craig (Claff!!!!!!) ran the project during pre-production and most of production. Jeff stepped in later as another project started to require more of Craig’s time. You have Jeff to thank for downloadable content — he was the producer to bla– I mean, responsible for them.

Design Director
Bruce Nesmith
Bruce has a beard.

Lead Designer
Mark Nelson
I used to play all night poker sessions at Mark’s house. Then he had a baby. Bye bye all night poker.

Lead Artist
Matthew Carofano
Matt and I sat next to each other on a plane on our way out to GDC this year. We talked about how expensive houses are in the DC area.

Lead Character Artist
Christiane Meister
She rides horses.

Lead Level Designer
Michael E. Ryan
He is dead to me.

Quality Assurance Lead
Kevin Kauffman
His job is tough. He can’t just test something once. He’s gotta test everything across mutiple platforms with multiple configurations. No such thing as a simple piece of downloadable content.

Associate Producers
Nathan X. McDyer
Timothy Lamb
These guys lead our Guitar Hero prowess on the team. Along with Mike Dulany, too. I suck, btw.

Guy Carver
Scott Franke
Ahn Hopgood
Christopher Hynes
Mat Krohn
Mike Lipari
Brian Robb
Jeff Ward
Most of our programming staff worked on Shivering Isles here and there. I have nothing funny to write.

Additional Programming
Joshua Andersen
Brendan Anthony
Erik Deitrick
David DiAngelo
Joel Dinolt
Michael Dulany
Chris Innanen
Steve Meister
Nathan Nordfelt
Jean Simonet
Jeff Sheiman
Orin Tresnjak
Dan Teitel
Craig Walton
Um…running out of things to write, so many names. Steve is the lead programmer on Fallout. Jean is French. Orin’s last name is hard to say. Dave DiAngelo and Joel Dinolt are part of our awesome Hunt Valley office that totally kicked the PS3’s ass by getting Oblivion to run on it.

Quest Design
Erik J. Caponi
Brian Chapin
Jon Paul Duvall
Kurt Kuhlmann
Alan Nanes
I hear they all secretly hate Bruce and are plotting to oust him.

Concept Art
Adam Adamowicz
Like me, Adam has a bionic leg. He’s getting a pin taken out of his leg soon, I referred him to my ortho guy.

World Art
Hope Adams
Andy Barron
Noah Berry
Clara Cafasso
Tony Greco
Daniel T. Lee
Megan Sawyer
Ryan Sears
Grant Struthers
Ryan bought my TIVO from me when I upgraded to a Comcast HD DVR. Clara’s last name is now Struthers. Speaking of which, Grant did the awesome butterfly effect at the start of Shivering Isles.

Additional World Art
Dane Olds
Is he still here?

Dungeon Art
Todd Broadwater
Robert Wisnewski
Robert commutes like 5 hours a day. (I think I made this joke already with the Knights credits).

Level Design
Jeff Browne
Joel Burgess
Frank Ward
Jeff is still living the dream (Will I ever get tired of that joke? No way!). Joel is the level design lead for Fallout.

Character and Creature Art
Jonah Lobe
Gary Noonan
Juan Sanchez
Jonah likes to post crappy faux Fallout concepts online. Juan smokes a corn cob pipe (not making that up).

Additional Character and Creature Art
Liquid Development
Vitaliy Naymushin
I was pleased the Hunger made an appearance in Shivering Isles. He’s my favorite Elder Scrolls creature.

Interface Art
Natalia Smirnova
Did I mention her concept of the Monk class is based on me?Seriously. Me.

Sound Design & Voice Direction
Mark Lampert
We have our on recording studio in the office now. It rules.

Quality Assurance
Alex Agnew
Ben Barreras
Angela Browder
James Costantino
Nate Ellis
Philip Georgatos
Dan Geske
Chris Krietz
Mike Lattanzia
Jason Little
Mike McGinn
Aaron Mitschelen
Jenna Noland
John Pisano
Louis Riley
Dan Ross
Ryan Salvatore
Alex Souder
Chris Steidel
Alex Tran
Jesse Tucker
Larry Waldman
Matt Weil
Fred Zeleny
Our QA dept is huge. Hence why it takes me forever to get food if I go to the cafeteria at noon. Fred made the Fallout valentine.

Additional Quality Assurance
Nick Allen
Stephen Coupe
Mike Crane
Jon DeVriendt
Viacheslav Erofeev
John Henry
Ken Mackel III
Kelly Renshaw
Try saying Viacheslav Erofeev three times fast. I lost a crown that way.

Betsy Ames
Jeff Baker
Beri Biern
Johnathon Bryce
Ralph Cosham
Catherine Flye
Gayle Jessup
Wes Johnson
Elisabeth Noone
Michael Mack
Emil Pagliarulo
Craig Sechler
LOVE the voice of Haskill — Jeff Baker did a fantastic job. It was great having him back from Morrowind. I felt bad we weren’t able to get him a part in Oblivion.

Voice Recording
Absolute Pitch Studios, Bethesda, MD
Philia Studios, Oxfordshire, UK
We had to use Philia Studios to record Catherine Flye, the Imperial Female, as she was working in the UK at the time.

Production Director
Ashley Cheng
I did not spend a lot of time on the day to day production; I mostly just bugged the shit out of Jeff, Craig and all the leads. For what its worth, I was the one who uploaded the actual files to Xbox Live and handed over the PC gold masters to the Fedex guy.

Executive Producer
Todd Howard
His office is next to mine. I hear the Notre Dame fight song all day long. I fear for my life.