When the ship runs out of ocean

Diablo III announced. Nice. It looks pretty amazing, especially the gameplay video. Loved the destructible environments. I will make sure to write my research papers on them asap and share my views with you guys about how much I am into this game.

I must say I am disappointed that Blizzard has stayed on the conservative side in terms of design with their updates to Diablo and Starcraft. Diablo will be interesting since World of Warcraft has a lot of Diablo-like qualities. I have no doubt, however, that they will be incredibly fun, addictive and polished games. Blizzard is the top of the class when it comes to game development – nobody does it better.

In fact, World of Warcraft is currently banned from any computer I own due to its highly addictive qualities. Its easily one of my favorite RPGs.

I know they are working on another Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. I hope its World of Starcraft.

Dear Blizzard,
Please forgive me.